Qiraa'ah Institute

Welcome to the Qiraa'ah Institute website. This project has been set up by the students of Qari Bashir Ahmad Siddiq Madani (HA) with the intention of spreading the correct recitation of the Qur'an. Please see below for a short biography of Qari Bashir and his works spreading the teaching of the Qur'an all over the world.

Our Objectives

QI’s primary objective is to help the Ummah recite Qur’an correctly, with Tajwid, just how it was revealed by Allah (SWT).

We believe the most effective method to achieve this is by focusing on those who will teach our children Qur’an. Our children will be the reciters and teachers of the future. By training teachers in both their own recitation as well as their ability to teach effectively, this gives us a wide scope for reaching thousands of others.

An average teacher will teach at least 15 students a year and will, over the years, go on to benefit hundreds or more. If that very teacher has perfected his own recitation and teaching skills – to the best of his ability – these hundreds of students will benefit directly from that.

QI aims to achieve the above in the following ways:

At QI, we will ensure that anyone that trains with us is taught by trained and experienced Qurraa'. This will either mean that our trainers are traditionally trained Qurraa' with full Ijaazah, or have been trained by our Qurraa' and approved to teach. Have a look at our Qurraa' page for some biographical information on our Tajwid Trainers.

We will also facilitate access to qualified Qurraa' for anyone wishing to obtain traditional Ijazah in Qur'an recitation. This would mean that a qualified Qari' or Qari'ah would listen to them recite the entire Qur'an. If they do this at the same time as meeting the standards and conditions stipulated in the Ijazah tradition, the Qari or Qari’ah will grant them Ijaazah.

Our detailed and defined Tajwid levels provide a means of objectively and consistently assessing the abilities of both students and teachers. This is of particular benefit to institutes and parents who wish to recruit the best teachers for their students and children. Institutes can facilitate training for their existing staff through QI as well as demand a certain level of qualifications from teachers applying to join their team. For more information, click here to go to our Tajwid Qualifications page.